Mira Ungarova

Member of the movement Oyan, Qazaqstan (Wake Up, Kazakhstan) (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Mira Ungarova is a 17-year-old activist, feminist, member of a civil movement for political reforms Oyan, Qazaqstan.

About “Wake up movement” in Kazakhstan

In the spring of 2019, Asya Tulesova, a civic activist,  with her friends, launched the campaign “You Can’t Run From the Truth” before the presidential election. A group of young people said: “we have a choice” in any situation. After that Asya was arrested for 10 days, and the youth of Kazakhstan launched the video clip “Men Oyandym” (I woke up), after which the youth movement for political reforms “Oyan, Kazakhstan” (Wake up Kazakhstan) was born.  The Oyan movement captured the whole country – there was no young person who had not heard of it. Organizing committee engaged many activists, journalists, feminists, human rights defenders, economists, businessmen.

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