Salome Barker

Activist co-organiser of Shame Movement (Tbilisi, Georgia)
We are the “Shame Movement” – a civic movement to fight the nihilism and polarisation accumulated throughout the nondemocratic shockwaves in historically pro-western Georgia.
Our movement was created spontaneously, on June 20, 2019 – At the sight of an anti-occupation lawbreaker, Russian Duma member in Georgian Parliament speaker’s chair, Georgian citizens were triggered to start mass street protests. Which turned into a 100-day demonstration organized by “Shame Movement” demanding proportional elections. The cause was instantly joined and supported by all pro-western opposition parties and civil society. As a result, the ruling party made several concessions and promises. The key promise widely endorsed by Georgia’s international partners was to adopt the proportional electoral system for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Later, after Georgia’s ruling party backtracked on electoral reforms by leaving native and international society lied, and rose tide of repression, the already hassled and the polarized environment became more profound. Here, our fight became more severe and important.
What We Stand For – Our aspiration is to create a positive agenda with the involvement of different stakeholders, on the basis of which germane issues of public concern butt into a fundamental part of the public policy process. Therefore we struggle imperturbably for proportional elections, which should become the basis for inclusive political life. Our fight will last at the very least until we live in a democratic, free country, whereupon the government is liable to account to the society, judiciary establishment is unlatched from political influence and body of legislation serves the best interests of the citizens.
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